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Girls Rock RI

Intoxicate The Dance Floor! Girls Rock RI 2011 from Boolean Apple on Vimeo.

My wife (and frequent collaborator) Nicole is a volunteer for Girls Rock! Rhode Island, an organization that seeks to help girls and women empower themselves through the development of musical skills, in order to foster self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-efficacy. In addition to the annual week-long camp for girls ages 11-18, they hold two Ladies Rock camps during the year. The Ladies camps allow adult women to nurture their inner rock star, and serve as fundraisers for the organization. The video above is from the 2011 Girls Camp Showcase, which concludes every camp and is always an inspiring and energetic event. At the beginning of the week, these girls had little-to-no experience with their instruments. My cousin Katherine is playing drums in this video, and has continued to learn and play on her own recently-acquired drum kit.



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