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An old friend from my Somerville days recently contacted me about doing some mixing and mastering. Matt Savage has been the vocalist for Godboy, The Jack McCoys, and Joy – each great bands with distinct sonic qualities. Over the past several years, he’s been quietly (and sometimes noisily) recording strange and beautiful noise-pop nuggets under the name Humboldt, and this was the reason for Matt to reach out.

This project is a bit of a new direction for me, because Matt will be releasing one song at a time as the mixes are completed. It’s been a real treat to open the tracks for a Humboldt song and let the textures unfold. I’ve always been a fan of Matt’s lyrical and vocal style, and it’s great to hear that voice again in this context. Working on these mixes between longer projects is like taking a day trip to the amusement park.

Listen here.


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